Here your wedding will be perfect!

We specialize in custom weddings no minimum number of guests and the reach of all budgets.

More than care in the organization, our pillar of guidance is the materialization of the dream, so we work with a specialized team to give all the support, advice and consultancy.


Want to get married on the beach sand, low water, the resort overlooking the sea or in the church?


Noiva do Mar (Bride of the Sea)…

Marrying… when the sea kisses the beach and the horizon embraces tranquility, discovers the Noiva do Mar Resort. In a happy union between heaven and nature, this is the true Eden for the hearts in love, which inspires the discovery of love. As there is no two equal marriages seek to create a unique concept for each event, meeting the ideas, preferences and suggestions of each couple.


Here decision makers are engaged!


Weddings on the beach …

Getting married on the beach sand with sea and sky as your witness is the dream of many newlyweds. Bride of the Sea Resort is where the quiet and the meeting of nature remain. We carry out your dreams, met the ideal conditions they can live in full every minute of this special day. Celebrate two or fulfills the most important people!

Weddings in the Bride of the Sea …

A magnificent and stunning scenery where the ocean and Berlengas are fund can celebrate special occasions with all the style and elegance. Be a simple cocktail, a glass of water or a gala dinner, we are keen to provide you with personalized service that exceeds all your expectations. We respond to challenges and we meet the needs of the bride and groom. Here you find the service you are looking for!

Wedding Night and Honeymoon …

As important as the wedding … whether the wedding night or honeymoon the honeymoon will bring memories and magical moments alone. Start the first day of married to enjoy a couple’s massage. Sparkling, chocolate fondue, oysters e flower petals scattered around the room, already filled with jacuzzi foam e as open fire can be the food of the novel and the awakening of the senses!